Token Distribution

Some call it a pie chart, we call it the $Karrot Cake.
There will be a total fixed supply of 1,000,000,000 $Karrots, which will be distributed as per the following pools.
The token distribution model is subject to change in connection with finalization of launch plans. In order to balance the game economy, the project reserves the right to make adjustments as well as to adjust prices of various activities $Karrots are used for in the My Pet Hooligan ecosystem.

Claims - 2%

A total number of 20,000,000 $Karrots will be allocated via the $Seed casting method discussed above to CLAIMS for holders. There will be two CLAIMS periods:
1 - For genesis MPH holders in May (10,000,000)
2 - For genesis and other MPH ecosystem NFTs Q2/Q3 (10,000,000)
The claiming process will allow holders to claim the ERC-1155 $Seed tokens, which will in turn release the $Karrots over the predefined vesting schedule from the point of mint.
Both claim periods will last for 90 days. The first at launch of the $Karrot token and second at a predetermined date, post minting of The Others.
Claims will be redeemable by wallet addresses holding My Pet Hooligan NFTs at the time of their corresponding claim period.
The initial claim pot will be fully divisible against all 8888 Hooligans at an equal rate.

Soft Staking - 15%

A 15% supply (150,000,000) will be available for soft staking rewards.
Genesis MPH NFT holders will have the opportunity to earn $Karrot tokens each day by staking their NFTs. This will not affect any play-to-earn ability for the NFT. $Karrot tokens can be claimed by the wallet owner at any time through the upcoming dashboard on the My Pet Hooligan website. Staking rewards will initially last for 3 years.
The cyclical system and contributions received by the Hooli Treasury will mean that once staking reserves have been depleted and the reserves are in a positive position the community could lobby for a portion of the Bank reserves to replenish the passive rewards pool.
Furthermore there will be opportunities to open up the ability for ‘renting/leasing’ of Hooligans for P2E where owners could continue to benefit from rewards through leasing their Hooligans.
Additional $Karrot incentives exist for various combinations of genesis MPH NFT ownership. There will be opportunities to ladder this out further too for more combinations.

Genesis Hooligans

  • Each Hooligan will generate 10 $Karrot utility token per day
  • Wallets with one Hooligan from at least 3 factions will receive a 20% booster. This can be any combination of factions. Although some synergies between factions will be developed for gameplay in line with emerging narrative.
  • Wallets with one Hooligan from each of the 7 factions will receive an additional 50% booster, therefore earning 15 $Karrots per day per Hooligan

Proof of Pet

  • Wallets that have held a Hooligan NFT for a set period of time will receive a ‘Proof of Pet’ reward. This will entitle the owner to a 30% additional allocation of $Karrots. Thus generating 13 $Karrots per day.
  • The first unlock will occur for those who have held for a period of 6 months by a date soon to be announced. Proof of Pet however will become increasingly difficult to achieve, as the time period required for holding will increase.

The Others

‘The Others’ will also be subject to staking rewards, but limited at a flat rate of 3 $Karrots per day with no boosters. Any rarity attributed to ‘The Others’ will be based on scarcity of type and traits.
These rewards will be fixed and not stackable.
There will be further perks for Bag Holder traits, OGs (those that have held since mint) and those that have a complete set of 7 factions not inclusive of staking. These perks will be announced in due course. This ensures that distributions are fair and also takes into consideration the community that has developed since mint.

The Hooli Treasury - 10%

A 10% supply (100,000,000) will be allocated to the Hooli Treasury. This is a community treasury that will be used to positively support the ecosystem, promotions, events and other community initiatives.
Having the community involved in governance is important to the development of the MPH ecosystem and fundamental to its success. The path to decentralization of the ecosystem will be gradual over time and suggestions from the community to make improvements will always be welcomed. It is also anticipated that project may also put proposals forward for a community vote Any time $Karrots are spent in the My Pet Hooligan ecosystem they are added to the Hooli Treasury. There will also be games and events where the Hooli Treasury will ecosystem contributions in $Karrots capped at 5%. Therefore although the Hooli Treasury will start with 100,000,000 $Karrots, the pot can increase in size as $Karrots are spent and ecosystem contributions are collected.
The Hooli Treasury is what will provide longevity to the ecosystem and not just limit the ecosystem to a predetermined life span that will end when all tokens are distributed.

Team & Partners - 12%

A 12% supply (120,000,000) will be locked up in the team & partners treasury for operating the My Pet Hooligan game and ecosystem. This will also include launch contributors and advisors. This will also help the team and partners to continue to build the brand and ensure the best resources are retained and in place to support the growth of the ecosystem and innovation. This emission of the team & partners treasury will be subject to a linear vesting schedule. The vesting schedule will take place over 5 years and there will be a full lock up with no emission for the first 12 months to negate any chance of supply spikes.

Rabbit Hole Development - 15%

The development of the Rabbit Hole game and social experience will be a multi-year and beyond undertaking that will be iterated upon and evolve over the course of time.
A 15% supply (150,000,000) will be positioned in the development treasury to ensure there is a sustainable stream of tokens for the continued development of The Rabbit Hole and surrounding low impact games too.
The development pool will be drawn against as project resources are required.

P2E Rewards - 46%

​The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole is a place to connect, socialize, be a hooligan and play games. The Rabbit Hole has a flexible and open architecture that will allow for future iterations and game modules to be added as time progresses.
The Rabbit Hole leverages groundbreaking technologies that have never before been used, such as the ability to fully animate your character's face and body through keyboard control and a smartphone camera. The Rabbit hole brings the highest quality live user generated content (UGC) to a gaming platform.
Development of large scale games take years, and My Pet Hooligan has taken the approach to deliver various game modes over the course of Seasons. It is understood that moving fast is extremely important in this space, and this approach allows the speed and flexibility to iterate toward a product market fit as fast as possible.
The constructs of The Rabbit Hole mean it is much more than just a game and is actually somewhere you can socialize with fellow members of the community without the need to compete in gameplay. There will be areas in the Rabbit Hole where you can simply hang out and engage with the community and partake in activities not pertaining to the game play modes.
The fundamental game structure of the Rabbit Hole is rooted in an ongoing inter-faction struggle for resources caused by MetaZuckBot. Factions must compete for the various resources required to construct one of the most valuable substances in the Rabbit Hole… Karrot Cake.
In this game, factions must organize into hierarchies and battle one another for control of key ‘soft resources’. Individual Hooligans must complete faction missions in order to rise through the faction ranks. This framework encapsulates all of the other game modes in development, and provides an architecture for the Rabbit Hole in-game-economy to flourish.
Additional core game modes that are currently in development:
  • PvE game play
  • Battle Royale
  • Resource Management
  • User generated game challenges ie. team vs. team death matches, where users could place their own bounties
Each new season will usher in new map extensions, new features, and new game modes. As the Rabbit Hole is iterated upon over time, new and more elaborate game modes will continue to develop as well. These developments will last years, as long-term thinking will serve the project and token holders the most over time.
As a side to the overarching gaming modes there will also be regular scheduled token earning events to strengthen the login behavior and participation through earning opportunities Further details on the specifics of the gaming modes and earning mechanics will be detailed before the launch of each Season.

​The Rabbit Hole Season 1 will launch with ‘Turf Wars’

Turf wars is a P2E game mode where factions must compete for territory in order to earn $Karrots.
In this game, specified neighborhoods and landmarks will generate $Karrot token revenues over the course of the season.
Factions must attack and defend parcels of turf in order to earn the $Karrot revenue from any specific piece of territory. These pieces of territory must be held for specified durations of time in order for a faction to receive the $Karrot revenue.
All $Karrot revenues will be sent to faction wallets, or ‘Faction Vaults’. These wallets will distribute $Karrots to all faction members at the end of each season.
Although there will be a pool of rewards for the overall Faction, individual players will be rewarded more as will be the higher performing players based on in-game activities.

Hooligan Tag

In this game mode, Hooligans must venture into enemy territory in order to tag graffiti onto the walls of the competing factions’ buildings. Teams must work together to cross boundaries, vandalize property, and defend turf.

Capture the Bag

A tried and tested game mode where Hooligans must again venture into enemy faction territory in order to retrieve a faction bag of $Karrots. Once the offensive team has taken a bag, they must make it back to their turf before the defending faction kills them.

The Rabbit Hole Marketplace

Given the demand for customization and individuality in games and in Metaverses, an on-chain marketplace will exist in the MPH ecosystem that will provide in-game cosmetics, wearables, weapons, and upgrades in exchange for $Karrot tokens.
$Karrot tokens received for the sale of in game cosmetics will be added to the Hooli bank treasury. These will also be re-sellable by owners, creating a secondary market for in game cosmetics. The project will seek exclusive partnerships with brands for limited release items too. E.g., clothing brands, artists and other projects.

$Karrot Games

The Rabbit Hole P2E experience will be supplemented by additional play-to-earn opportunities outside of the video game. These games will provide touch points for all demographics in the community not just limited to video gamers.
These games will yield a smaller volume of $Karrot tokens via the $Seed tokens.
These games are largely inspired by some of the games that the community has already been enjoying in our social platform, only players will now be able to play for $Karrots.
In addition to providing $Seeds to players, a portion (5%) of winnings will be contributed to the community treasury.
Further details on $Karrot games will be launched before the first game goes live.


The MPH P2E experience, The Rabbit Hole, is an iterative and open world experience that sits in a wider Unreal 5 Metaverse architecture being built by AMGI Studios called Interloop. There are long term plans for how Interloop will take shape over time, including the ability for other projects and brands to acquire and build upon the architecture to create their own unique experiences as well. The Rabbit Hole is the first piece of that greater architecture.
The interoperability of metaverses and Web3 brands is essential to a robust and healthy ecosystem, and Interloop will serve as the connective tissue that networks these communities.