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The Rabbit Hole - Alpha V1.1

Alpha version 1.1 is now available to all genesis holders and hall pass players on Windows 10 or 11. Mac Universal Build Coming Soon (Intel and Apple silicon)
Version 1.1 of the My Pet Hooligan Rabbit Hole is an early access version of AMGI Studios' Web3 game and social experience. My Pet Hooligan has always been community driven, and once again we are looking to you to help us dive into this early access V1.1. You are an important part of the building and development process. While we are incredibly proud of what our team has created, this early access V1.1 of Rabbit Hole WILL NOT be bug free and the list of what we still want to do is a lot longer than the list of what we've done so far. Your support will be invaluable in helping us to make this great.
The game needs strong bones first. Running, jumping and shooting needs to feel fun right from the start before we go crazy writing rules, game modes and gameplay loops, and we need your help to make sure these foundations feel solid! We have improved many areas of the game for V1.1, areas such as: combat and weapons, melee and skateboard animation and user interface. Gamer profiles and text and voice chats are in progress for the next build with our integration with Epic Online Services. We're counting on you to give us feedback on existing things, as well as suggestions on things to include for the future builds and things for your own community to enjoy in game.
Below is a list that includes what features, areas and actions will be available in this Version 1.1. Community feedback and engagement in our process is a must. Join us, in the Rabbit Hole Now!

Alpha v1.1 specs:

OS: Windows 10 or 11 GPU: DirectX 11 or 12 compatible graphics card, GTX1060 or better CPU: Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster RAM: 8 GB Mac Universal Build Coming Soon (Intel and Apple silicon)

New updates and features included in Alpha V1.1 include:

New Weapons
  • Minigun
  • Shotgum
  • Water Pistol
  • Plunger Rifle
New Exteriors
  • Paintball Arena
  • Cypher Square
  • Hooli Reels Theater
New Interiors
  • Rony's Pub
  • Anything But Carrots - The Store
  • Dance Club
  • Hooli Reels Theater
More Community Art
  • Movie Posters
  • Graffiti
Players can also enjoy destructible objects, updated spray pain, streamer character toggle, and a new cinematic camera mode.

Here are a few more things that you can expect to see in V1.1

  • Playing as your NFT
  • Limited multiplayer ability (first come first served)
  • Limited weapons and limited weapon actions
  • Limited health and inventory
  • Face control via Livelink app for local user (iPhone)
  • Initial map with faction subsections (Expanded map to come in later versions)
  • Temporary sounds and effects
  • Basic map and some environment destruction
  • No earning component in Early Access V1.1

What is coming in future Alpha versions:

  • Epic Online Services integration
  • Core game loop integration
  • Player profiles and tags
  • Voice chat
  • Greater weapon balancing
  • Controller configuration
  • New sound design and music
  • Enhanced close combat and camera focus
  • More multiplayer servers, more features, more weapons, more map expansion, destructibility and vehicles.
Download The Rabbit Hole Alpha V1.1 here. This is an early work in progress, so play it, break it and provide constructive feedback. Please share your feedback here.
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