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Team & Partners

AMGI Studios

The AMGI Studios and My Pet Hooligan team are a talented and devoted group of individuals, spanning the landscapes of gaming, animation, business development, and Web3.
AMGI’s objective is to combine proprietary technology with high quality, character driven animation to develop a new path between Hollywood and the Web3 space.
On the forefront of real-time animation, AMGI is uniquely positioned as innovators in the space, with a pipeline of original content and the ability to bring traditional animation into the future.
With the support of high caliber creative talent from renowned studios such as Pixar, Disney, ILM, and Pixomondo, AMGI Studios delivers a quality of work that is unmatched in the industry.
Each individual brings something unique to the table, and we are well aware that the success of this project is the sum total of a massive group effort. Every single member of the MPH community is also considered a part of our wider team, and have a role to play in this our collective journey.
AMGI Studios (www.amgistudios.com) is reshaping the animation landscape of entertainment, game content and interactive AR/VR environments by combining our creative team with cutting edge technology initiatives. Our current Studio focus is on animated movies, NFT 3D character designs and building a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that is interoperable with our minted NFT characters. We plan to secure partnerships with brands and projects to bring their content and characters into the game.
AMGI Studios is in development on a an animated feature film, has successfully minted 8,888 My Pet Hooligan NFTs in December 2021, and is currently building a complimentary Web3 interactive/immersive experience, The Rabbit Hole - with creative design input from many of our 100,000 strong community members across various social media platforms.
Longer-term, the studio will build out a unique metaverse, INTERLOOP, a decentralized set of interoperable “Autuverses” (Our INTERLOOP white paper will be published in the coming months.)
Our Studio recognizes that game-play and digital experiences are fundamental to all aspects of human interaction and their influence has intensified. Communication technologies are currently aggregating billions of game-players through the conveyance and the adaptation of digital content. We are committed to a Web3 focus in our design philosophy. Positioned at the intersection of physical and digital worlds. Our design will focus on creating “games within a game” stoking an element of chaos in the game's strategic dynamics while building fun and intrigue into the underlying game mechanics. “The Rabbit Hole” is our initial multi-player game.
The Rabbit Hole is more than a game: it is an immersive experience that brings together Web3 technology, gaming and proprietary tools developed by the studio to enhance the physical to digital experience. The Rabbit Hole is the first immersive social metaverse platform for connecting as much as it is for playing popular games.
Here are some profiles of our Team Leads:
Roger Paglia - Chief Operating Officer
AMGI Animation Founder, producing digital and live-action titles for a new generation. Former Vice Chairman and CEO of CenterStaging, Co-Founder of Rehearsals.com, Comcast VOD, and Buena Vista Distribution.
Colin Brady - Chief Creative Officer
Former Chief Animator for Pixar’s Toy Story 1 & 2, A Bug's Life, Amazing Spider Man, GoT, and many more. Worked alongside Steven Spielberg, Steve Jobs, George Lucas, Ang Lee, and Martin Scorsese.
Luke Paglia - Chief Operating Officer
Extensive live action experience with commercial clients such as Apple and Toyota. Most recently credited for Coldplay and BTS music video. Oversees coordination and execution of all projects.
Howard Livingston - Chief Financial Officer
Senior entertainment executive credited with negotiating the first major studio home video content supplier agreement to supply Netflix’s and part of the executive team that developed and launched the DVD format.
Frank Easterly - Chief Strategy Officer
Co-Manager and coordinates strategic direction. Founder of Integrated Global Service, a worldwide industrial service company, and owner of Franker Fund LLC, a private investment firm focused on tech, entertainment and DeFi.
Kevin Mack - Unreal Engine Technical Director
Kevin is VR and video game developer, with deep experience in gameplay and engineering and the business of making games.
Weston Paglia - Web3 Creative Director
Crypto enthusiast and Web3 Creative Director for AMGI Studios primarily focused on the intersection of entertainment and blockchain technology.
Asif Zamil - Crypto Developer
Full stack developer specializing in the crypto space.
Tony DiIoia - Co-Founder and head of Consumer Products
Tony Creates original content and has operated character-based entertainment companies throughout his 40-year career.
Luke Skyhopper - Web3 Strategist and Community Lead Senior Program Manager with extensive experience in delivering large scale projects and programs across both public and private sector industries. A Computer Science graduate and crypto enthusiast. Experience working in a Tier 1 Investment Bank and Strategic Advisory with a Big 4 Firm.


My Pet Hooligan is proud to be partnered with some of the most sought after thought leaders in the space of Web3 & traditional gaming, including Delphi Digital and Yield Guild Games.
These partnerships along with AMGI Studios’ pre-existing associations with Epic Games, Unreal, Coldplay, and Netflix, provides a robust foundation for the development of the My Pet Hooligan ecosystem within the web3 space and beyond.