Roadmap - Phase 2

Hooligans have to think at least 2 steps ahead of Meta Zuck Bot. These are some of the initiatives currently being workshopped by the project and studio. Others will, however, remain a secret - and all are subject to change.

Season 2

The Rabbit Hole will go live with Season 2 gameplay and an updated game building upon the Season 1 release. This will also map extensions, new features, and new items.

Ownership of ‘in-game’ Real-Estate

Want to own/lease the local art gallery, ammunition store, casino, or graveyard? Select elements of real-estate may be made available for acquisition with $Karrots and royalties can also be rewarded in $Karrots from services provided.

IRL Events

Community is key, and it is very important to be able to connect outside of the digital world. With IRL experiences, the MPH community will be able to meet and spend time in order to get to know one another on more than just a digital level.

Interloop Land Mint

The Rabbit Hole is an interactive and open world game that sits in a wider Unreal 5 Metaverse architecture being built by AMGI Studios called Interloop. This will offer Immersive digital experience and bring other projects together with real interoperability. There will be a framework to ensure consistency whilst allowing builders to build their own experiences and gameplay modes. A land mint will take place for other projects, brands and private individuals to acquire land in Interloop. Genesis MPH holders will have benefits in line with the land release plan.

My Pet Hooligan - YouTube Series

As part of an overall media strategy, the project plans to produce an ongoing series of Hooli shorts to air on YouTube. The shorts are considered to be a natural “narrative” extension to Hooli shoutouts on Twitter.

My Pet Hooligan - The Feature Film

AMGI Studios is in a unique position to be the first studio in history to execute the production of a full animated web-3 native feature film.
It's our mission to continue innovating in the Web 3 space while working hard to bring more value to our current and new holders. This collective adventure down The Rabbit Hole is just the beginning of what's to come.
That's all folks… for now.
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