Roadmap - Phase 1

This is our anticipated roadmap, given the complexities of what we are delivering and it being a first in this space, time frames could be subject to change.
It is also understood that not all My Pet Hooligan holders will be gamers therefore it is important that value is offered for all profiles of holders and not just limited to gaming.

Hooligram V1 - Launched

Hooligram is a proprietary real time animation application designed for MPH NFT holders. The app enables users to animate and control their NFT character through real-time motion capture of facial expressions and on-command animation technology. Hooligram democratizes animation, easily empowering content creators and owners to create brands and personalities (UGC) with their NFTs.
Hooligram can also be used for livestreaming to popular platforms and even attending meetings as your NFT.
Hooligram and AMGI Studios is currently exploring ways to white-label Hooligram and onboard other projects to use the technology. Projects would have to provide a licensing contribution in $Karrot tokens in order to use the app.
It will also be considered to have a small allocation of generic characters in Hooligram for non-NFT holders to be able to use if they hold $Karrots to bring more users into the MPH ecosystem, further allowing for exposure of the technology.
The underlying technology of Hooligram is also a feature that is used in The Rabbit Hole providing, providing the bridge from human to digital interaction This technology is not currently available in any other NFT, Metaverse or P2E Gaming project. Is also a big leap forward for the NFT space and this technology is a fundamental building block for the next generation of digital experiences.
FBX files will still be delivered and are expected in early Q2, Hooligram took priority in Q1 to allow community members who aren't versed in animation workflows to be able to create content with their NFTs.

Mobile App - April

AMGI Studios is a strategic partner with an upcoming mobile app that is positioned to disrupt the NFT / animation space. Some may already have an idea of what this could be, and an official announcement will be made in the coming weeks.

S-Karrot Token Launch - May

A launch plan is being followed, leading to the Token Generation Event (TGE) of the $Karrot token by Q4. Staking will go live in May with holders able to soft-stake their NFTs to generate on-chain Synthetic Karrots (S-Karrots) which will later be convertible to $karrots on TGE.

Alpha Release - May

The Alpha is close to the final stages of internal testing and an early access version will be made available imminently to the gaming focus group and select members of the community in April. The wider release to all holders will happen in May.
The Alpha release will be an early test for all MPH NFT holders to get acclimated with the world and provide some stress testing and interrogation, whilst also having fun with the early game mechanics. This is a vital piece to ensure the game release in Q4 is inclusive of community feedback and has additional sight of any bugs and technical issues.
The alpha release of the Rabbit Hole will be the first taste of the My Pet Hooligan metaverse. Any holder of a genesis MPH NFT will have the ability to connect their wallet to the game and select the NFT avatar they would like to use in the game. Players will have the ability to change to any other NFT avatar they own as well.
Players will be able to use their weapons, as well as pick up additional objects and weapons that are currently available inside of the alpha launch.
Once inside the world, early users will have the ability to explore the neighborhoods and landmarks inside the alpha map, as well as fight one another, either one on one or in a group. Players will also have the ability to fight Zuck Corp drones as they patrol the map.
The Rabbit Hole alpha release will be an extremely important milestone for the MPH project, and the alpha testing team’s feedback will help to ideate and build out the nuances and details of the world.

Exclusive Launch Partner Mint - Date TBD

There will be a small exclusive NFT drop with an upcoming NFT Marketplace as part of an exclusive launch partner program that MPH has been selected for.
This will also serve to introduce the MPH project to one of the largest crypto communities in existence, and with it a new consumer base. This new release will have in-game applications. Since this collaboration is with a marketplace, this drop will not be available to purchase with $Karrots but will be purchasable in Ethereum.

M-K2O (Karrot Juice) - Q3

During the escape from Zuck Corp some plans were discovered alluding to the development of a molecular composition symbolized as M-K2O. What it is and what it will lead to is still unknown. All we know is that you can only make M-K2O using $Karrots and only select members of the community will be able to get them. There will only be 888 M-K20s available.

The Others - Q3

Did you think the baddest bunnies on the planet were the only characters in The Rabbit Hole? The Hooligans will need extra help to defeat Meta Zuck Bot in the form of ‘The Others’.
‘The Others’ will be the second collection from My Pet Hooligan, centered around the next set of characters that will be set loose in The Rabbit Hole. The Others will not only bring value back to genesis token holders but also allow for new entrants into the My Pet Hooligan ecosystem and Rabbit Hole game.
The Others will be a collection of 12,000 NFTs, of which 8,888 will be mintable only via S-Karrots. All genesis MPH token holders will have an automatic access pass to ‘The Others’ and the price in S-Karrots will not exceed the minimum claimable amount of S-Karrots by mint date, ensuring it is effectively a ‘free mint’ for genesis token holders. These numbers could be subject to change.
Through use of the ‘casting’ method, holders of ‘The Others’ will also be able to ‘melt’ their NFTs in order to reclaim the casted S-Karrot tokens inside of them, permanently removing their NFT from circulation in the process. This feature will prove to be a powerful game mechanic that will set ‘The Others' apart as being a truly deflationary NFT collection.

The Rabbit Hole ‘Season 1’ - Q4

The Rabbit Hole launches with Season 1 gameplay as described earlier. Season 1 will open with Web3 integrations and will also have a free-to-play model, ensuring that MPH captures the widest gaming audience possible without barriers to entry.

In-Game Marketplace Launch - Q4

The ability for personalization and customization of valued items has always been important to collectors and gamers. It has also proven to be a large market and revenue stream for many of the top multiplayer games. For example, the majority of Fortnite’s $5bn revenue generated last year, was made with in-game purchases.
An on-chain marketplace will exist in the MPH ecosystem that will sell in-game cosmetics and upgrades in exchange for $Karrot tokens. $Karrot tokens received for the sale of in game cosmetics will be added to the Hooli Treasury.
Items purchased in the marketplace will also be re-sellable by owners, and MPH will seek exclusive partnerships with brands for limited release items as well.
The in-game marketplace will play a substantial role in the Rabbit Hole and wider MPH ecosystem, as it will allow for onboarding of new players into the Rabbit Hole.

Free to Play Growth Model

Growth of the Rabbit Hole game is fundamental to the ultimate success of the My Pet Hooligan ecosystem. By allowing people to play the game for free, new participants will be able to enter and explore the MPH ecosystem through a low cost barrier of entry.
Players that have entered for free will spawn into the game as a generic avatar, and have access to select game modes. They will however be able to customize their generic avatar through in game marketplace purchases.
There will also be opportunities for players to get recruited into factions and unlock further abilities, instilling pride, comradery and a sense of achievement for those who prove themselves.