This is a page of frequently asked questions.

The My Pet Hooligan NFT

Where can I get a Hooligan?

The genesis collection is SOLD OUT. You can only buy from secondary from the following marketplaces:
There will be other ways into the Web3 ecosystem and more characters that will inhabit The Rabbit Hole. Stay locked into the community and check out The Orange Paper here.

Do you have a White Paper?

No, we have an Orange Paper. Same thing, different color. Check it out here... oh wait, you're already here.

What is the utility of a genesis Hooligan?

Genesis Hooligans will give you access to The Rabbit Hole, our suite of technologies including Hooligram, immi and FBX files. They also will give you access to soft staking, token claims, Alpha, NFT drops, events and more that will be revealed over the course of time. Utility is plentiful with the Hooligans!

What is Interloop?

The MPH P2E experience, The Rabbit Hole, is an iterative and open world experience that sits in a wider Unreal 5 metaverse architecture being built by AMGI Studios called Interloop. There are long term plans for how Interloop will take shape over time, including the ability for other projects and brands to acquire and build upon the architecture to create their own unique experiences as well. The Rabbit Hole is the first piece of that greater architecture.
The interoperability of metaverses and Web3 brands is essential to a robust and healthy ecosystem, and Interloop will serve as the connective tissue that networks these communities.


What is soft staking?

Soft Staking is a form of staking that doesn't require a holder to part ways with their Hooligan to lock it into another contract outside of their control. It means the Hooligan will always be available and safe with the holder and all functionality within the My Pet Hooligan suite of products will remain intact.
Soft Staking however still gives you all of the benefits that a more traditional staking method would give. By soft-staking your Hooligan and accumulating S-Karrots you will be able to get further activiations including our future NFT drops, Loot Boxes, Cosmetic Upgradaes, Merch and more.

What is the utility of staking? What can I get from doing so?

You will get the ability to stack S-Karrots which will be convertible for the $karrot ERC20 token during the Token Generation Event, closer to Season 1 of the Rabbit Hole game release. S-Karrots will also allow you to claim future NFT Drops, merch, token claims, admission to events, alpha and more that will be revealed over the course of time.

What are $karrots

For more information on $karrots, please see the Ecosystem Tokens section of the orange paper. As mentioned above S-Karrots that are earned via Staking will be convertible for $karrots during the Token Genertaion Event.

Can I still play the game, or use Hooligram and immi if my Hooligan is soft-staked?


What is 'Proof of Pet'?

Proof of pet is an achievement unlock for Diamond Handed Hooligans that have held for a set amount of time before the first snapshot. Proof of Pet will allow for a staking booster and further activations. First snapshot for ‘Proof of Pet’ is to be announced.

I should be eligible for 'Proof of Pet' but have transferred from a Hot Wallet to a Ledger or equivalent will I still qualify?

Yes. There will be a mechanism in place to account for this.

How do I stake and unstake?

Visit https:/mypethooligan.com/staking, select the Hooligans you want to stake and click the stake button.
Make sure you are connected to the wallet that holds your Hooligans, if not you can disconnect from the site via Metamask and re-connect with the correct wallet. If you are having trouble, a simple fix is usually a site refresh.
Staked Hooligans can be un-staked using the same method. Select the ‘staked’ Hooligans and click un-stake.
Note. As we are directly querying the blockchain there more Hooligans you have the longer it can take to load and refresh.

Can you soft stake and un-stake in batches?

Yes. As we are directly querying the blockchain there more Hooligans you have the longer it can take to load and refresh.

Is there a gas charge?

Yes, given our soft-staking accruals are on-chain there will be a small gas charge for staking, un-staking, claiming and spending S-KARROTS. There is no rush to stake so aim for a day/time where gas is at its most efficient. The more Hooligans you hold the more the gas fee will be.
There is no need to claim daily, only claim as and when you need to. These should be as and when activations you wish to partake in are presented.

Is staking compatible with ledger or trezor?


What happens if I have 9 Hooligans and 7 are from different factions and the other two are from some of those existing factions I already have? How do the points get split? Can I choose which ones I want the points to go to?

The boosted S-KARROTS that you will get by holding all 7 factions will get split equally across those 7 Hooligans. The Other 2 will accrue 10 S-KARROTS each daily.

How will it display how many points I have?

There are two counters. Claimed and Unclaimed. S-KARROTS will accumulate in the unclaimed pot until you claim them at which point they become fixed with your Hooligans. If you sell a Hooligan with claimed S-KARROTS these S-KARROTS go with the Hooligan. If you sell without claiming the S-KARROTS all unclaimed S-KARROTS are lost.

What are the claimed and unclaimed counters and how does that affect things?

There are two counters. Claimed and Unclaimed. S-KARROTS will accumulate in the unclaimed pot until you claim them at which point they become fixed with your Hooligans. If you sell a Hooligan with claimed S-KARROTS these S-KARROTS go with the Hooligan. If you sell without claiming the S-KARROTS all unclaimed S-KARROTS are lost.
Note: Un-staking a Hooligan(s) will automatically claim all unclaimed tokens in full at the same time.

Will the dashboard display my accumulated amount?

Yes, it will display the accumulated amount under each hooligan and the total under the wallet.

Will S-KARROTS and Proof of Pet show on metadata?

The metadata will update multiple times per day updating any unlocked S-KARROTS your Hooligan holds and any update on Proof of Pet status. Unclaimed points will not show up as they are not yet claimed.

Are points transferable on sale?

It's important to understand that S-KARROTs are not held by a wallet but by the Hooligan itself. If a Hooligan is sold which has claimed S-KARROTs, these S-KARROTs will leave with the Hooligan to the new wallet. If you have not claimed the S-KARROTs and a Hooligan is sold all unclaimed S-KARROTs will be lost.

Can I sell my staked hooligan? What happens if I sell my staked Hooligan?

Yes, soft-staking does not lock up the Hooligan, it remains in your custody. Hooligans are not meant to be in cages, they broke free for a reason!

What happens if I have two sets of 7 factions? Assuming both sets qualify for the booster?

Yes, both of the 7 factions will receive the booster.

Do I need to transfer to a Hot Wallet to stake?

Not necessary.

Is there a staking leaderboard?

Not yet, this is something that we are looking into

Is staking safe? Am I open to any risks?

The NFT will remain in your custody and not be transferred to a staking contract as per traditional locked staking. Therefore you need to continue to be responsible for the safeguarding of your assets and always be weary of clicking on unsolicited links. We will never do sporadic drops. Everything that is coming is in our Orange Paper and is planned and will be communicated in advance before any of those activations happen. Out of the blue drops and giveaways are usually scams.

Does Proof of Pet transfer with the Hooligan on sale?


The Rabbit Hole

What is The Rabbit Hole?

The Rabbit Hole is My Pet Hooligan's game and social experience. It is a place to connect, socialize, be a hooligan and play games. The Rabbit Hole has a flexible and open architecture that will allow for future iterations and game modules to be added as time progresses.
The Rabbit Hole leverages groundbreaking technologies that have never before been used, such as the ability to fully animate your character's face and body through keyboard control and a smartphone camera. The Rabbit hole brings the highest quality live user generated content (UGC) to a gaming platform.
Development of large scale games take years, and My Pet Hooligan has taken the approach to deliver various game modes over the course of Seasons. It is understood that moving fast is extremely important in this space, and this approach allows the speed and flexibility to iterate toward a product market fit as fast as possible.

How do I install?

Visit mypethooligan.com enter 'The Rabbit Hole', connect your wallet and download.

System Requirements?

  • OS: Windows 10 or 11
  • GPU: DirectX 11 or 12 compatible graphics card, GTX1060 or better
  • CPU: Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: Big Sur, Monterey or better
  • CPU: Quad-core Intel, 2.5 GHz or faster or Apple Silicon
  • GPU: Metal 1.2 Compatible Graphics Card
  • RAM: 8 GB

What features are in the Alpha?

Version 1 of the My Pet Hooligan, Rabbit Hole is an early access version of My Pet Hooligans, P2E Experience and Game. In this first iteration available to all My Pet Hooligan NFT Holders, we are looking for your assistance. My Pet Hooligan has always been community driven, and once again we are looking to you, to help us dive into this Early Access V1 with the understanding that you are an important part of the building and development process.
With that in mind, while we are wildly proud of what our team has created, this early Access V1 of Rabbit Hole WILL NOT be bug free and has limited functionality in comparison to the developing game. This is an opportunity for us to strengthen the core foundations camera, control and combat and gather data points to build on for Alpha V2.
Below is a list that includes what features, areas and actions will be available in this Version 1 roll out. Community feedback and engagement in our process is a must. Join us, in the Rabbit Hole now!
In this early version of our game you will have access to keys items such as:
  • Playing as your NFT
  • Limited Multiplayer Ability (first come first served)
  • Limited Weapons and Limited Weapon Actions
  • Limited Health, Inventory and Game Analytic Tracking
  • Face Control via Livelink App for local user (iPhone)
  • Initial Map with Faction Subsections (Expanded map to come in later versions)
  • No P2E component in Early Access V1
  • No gaming modes in Early Access V1, only PvP multiplayer battling
Subsequent alpha versions will build on control, camera, and combat systems and add more environment detail, weaponry, and animations. They will also increase the multiplayer capacity. Read more about Alpha V1 here

How can I get on multi-player?

Multiplayer is accessible via the ‘Main Menu’. Simply select ‘Join Server’. Once you select that you will see available servers to join. At this point, the only server available will be ‘AMGI Test Server’. Select the test server and then select ‘Join” to enter The Rabbit Hole.

It is running slow, any tips?

Limit the number of other programs on your machine other than The Rabbit Hole. Additionally, we have installed a ‘Setting’ menu in game that will give you the ability to change the following to tailor the experience to your machine's parameters:
  • Window Mode
  • Resolution
  • Resolution Scale
  • FPS Limit
  • Motion Blur
  • Gamma
  • Graphics Quality

How can I report feedback for The Alpha?

Complete the form here

Is it Play & Earn and when will it start?

The Rabbit Hole will have Play and Earn integrations, and this will start with Season 1 slated for a Q4 release. This will be the version that will include the gameplay modes as well as the Beta. The alpha versions of the game will not support any earning potential.

Will there be free to play?

Yes, free to play is fundamental to the growth and success of the game. It is also key to onboard traditional gamers to The Rabbit Hole. More details will be made available on this.


What is Hooligram?

Hooligram is a first of its kind proprietary real time animation application designed for NFT holders. The app enables users to animate and control their NFT character through real-time motion capture of facial expressions and on-command animation technology. Hooligram democratizes animation, easily empowering content creators and owners to create brands and personalities (UGC) with their NFTs.
Hooligram can also be used for livestreaming to popular platforms and even attending meetings as your NFT.
Hooligram is currently only available for My Pet Hooligan holders and all 8888 are in Hooligram. We are in the process of onboarding more projects to Hooligram and are always open for discussion if you would like to get your project on Hooligram too, contact us.

Where can I download Hooligram?

You can download here. There is a Windows and Mac version available. Support for the face motion capture is only currently available on iPhones, we are working on Android support. You will also need to download LiveLink for your iPhone and connect it on the same network as your desktop machine and input the IP address as shown on Hooligram.

Tweaks, Tips & Tricks (speed, lagging etc)?

Check out the instructional video here

What are the controls?

When you first load up Hooligram you can see the control window, this can be toggled on and off too. You will need use of a mouse, keyboard and iPhone running live link for the full features

My Hooligan has a Mask, can I remove it so I can see the face and it speaking?

Yes. you can toggle the mask on or off

I have more than one Hooligan can I toggle between?

Yes, use the ‘N’ key on your keyboard and it will switch through your Hooligans

How can I used on Zoom, Twitch, Discord and recording?

Check out the instructional video here which should cover the instructions you need to know


What is immi?

immi is a first of its kind mobile App co-developed with AMGI Studios. It allows you to step out of yourself and into 3D character anytime, anywhere with immi. Using your facial expressions, real-time animation, and augmented reality, it's the only mobile platform where you can bring wildly imaginative characters to life and transport them into your real world. To connect playfully. Express freely. And be whoever you want to be. Check out immi here

Will all Hooligans be available on immi?

Yes. There are already a few Hooligans on immi. The rest are on their way and this will mark the first NFT collection available on a mobile app with live functionality.