Ecosystem Tokens


The My Pet Hooligan ecosystem and The Rabbit Hole play-to-earn game will be powered by the $Karrot token. The $Karrot token is an ERC-20 token that will be solely for use in the My Pet Hooligan ecosystem.
There is a wide variety of ways that genesis NFT holders and players will be able to earn and use $Karrots in the MPH ecosystem, such as staking, locking, play-to-earn games, claims and more.
Use cases will also include the ability to access exclusive experiences, collect items and perks in the in-game marketplace and minting of future NFT drops including ‘The Others’ as well as other activiations in Phase 1 and subsequent phases of the My Pet Hooligan roadmap.
$Karrots will have a fixed total supply of 1,000,000,000.


Synthetic Karrots or "S-Karrots", are on chain values that live in the metadata of each individual Hooligan. S-Karrots begin to accrue once a Hooligan has been staked, at rates specified in the Token Distribution section of the Orange Paper.
You will get the ability to stack S-Karrots which will be convertible for the $karrot ERC20 token during the Token Generation Event, closer to Season 1 of the Rabbit Hole game release. S-Karrots will also allow you to claim future NFT Drops, merch, token claims, admission to events, alpha and more that will be revealed over the course of time.